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Share content, get paid for products and services.
  • Share links + content
  • Sell products and services
  • 2% transaction fee (plus Stripe processing fee)





Grow your business with bookings.

    All Site features, and:

  • Schedule appointments
  • Encourage reviews
  • 1% transaction fee (plus Stripe processing fee)





Save time and increase revenues!

    All Scheduler features, and:

  • Automatically answer FAQs with AI automation
  • Automated upsell
  • 0% transaction fee (plus Stripe processing fee)


Effortlessly create a site that grows with your business





$300/yr (Save $48/yr)



$540/yr (Save $48/yr)

Personal Website

Share links

Collect leads

Get paid for products & services

Collect tips

Encourage reviews

Automatically answer FAQs with AI automation

Automated upsell


Offer multiple appointment types

Dedicated business phone number and voicemail

Create group events

Automated reminders

Mass texting your contacts


Outlook or Google Calendar Integration

Zoom Integration

Facebook Integration

Self & Community Care

Wellness Tools

Personalized coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between the Scheduler and Assistant Plans?

The Scheduler Plan makes it easy for your clients to book and pay for one-on-one appointments, group sessions, classes, or events with you via your Sparkle Site or by texting your Sparkle phone number. When the client texts your Sparkle phone number, your Sparkle Assistant handles the scheduling. You can also mass text your contacts from the platform.

With the Assistant Plan, you can do all of the above, but you can also customize your Sparkle Assistant to answer FAQs on your behalf when people text your Sparkle phone number, message you on your Facebook business page, or via the chat on your website. The Assistant can also automatically upsell your products or services during the booking process.

What happens if the Assistant can't answer a question?

The Assistant asks customers their email at the beginning of the conversation. If someone asks a question the Assistant cannot answer, the customer will receive a message that says 'I'm sorry I am not able to fnd an answer.'

You can choose to receive immediate email notifications if this occurs, and respond accordingly via email or SMS. Or, you can review the conversations that your Assistant had once a day if you sign up for the Daily Summary emails sent out each day. If you notice that a question has not been answered by the Assistant, you can follow up with that contact via email or SMS.

What payment platforms do you integrate with?

At this time we integrate with Stripe. We may offer addional platforms in the future. Please email if you would like to nominate a payment platform for us to add!

Do you offer product fulfillment?

We do not offer fulfillment at this time. If a customer purchases an item from your shop, you will receive an email with the order information and can send the purchased item.

Can I sync my Sparkle Scheduler with my existing calendar?

You can sync your Sparkle calendar with your Google or Outlook calendars. You can also integrate your Zoom account so that meeting links are automatically generated and included in the booking confirmations and reminders.

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